Mid-Atlantic Network of Verified Regenerative Farmers

Regenerating Community

From the Soul to the Soil

The Common Wealth Network is a nose-to-tail solution for scaling regeneration by keeping it small.

We are a community of verified regenerative and holistically managed small and family farms across the Mid-Atlantic that gather in the name of community, of hope through social reciprocity.

Verified Regenerative

Ecological Outcome Verification

What is actually regenerative?

All Common Wealth producers undergo annual Ecological Outcome Verification™ (EOV™) monitoring. EOV is a globally-accpeted and richly scientific protocol for verifing the regenerative status of the land and its management.

Many certification schemes are based upon an inventory of farmer practices. The problem is that the use of practices or tools does not guarantee that regeneration will take place. Outcomes depend on how and when practices and tools are used, and that depends on contextual variances in cultural, environmental, and economic conditions.


Farm Planning & Holistic Management Training

All Common Wealth producers have access to Holistic Farm Planning consulting and Holistic Management training via the Robinia Institute, the Mid-Atlantic Hub of the Savory Institute.

Holistic Management is a decision making framework that allows co-creation in the world of regenerative agriculture by ensuring that the actions taken to restore land and livelihoods are ecologically, socially and economically sound and based on the context described by the people involved.


Retail & Wholesale Opportunities

Local food is great; but we need to find ways to keep food local while keeping local food producers producing.

Commons is an online reatiler of Verified Regenerative and Chemical-Free Meats and local Provisions that takes the hassle out of local food while maintaining the convenience of online shopping.

Visit Commons!

Cattle Donations

Operation Scaling Opportunities

We are redefining wealth from something cultured into something native within community.

The Common Wealth Network has developed strategic partnerships that transform the waste of one system into the rich abundance of another. This "abundance" manifests itself within what we term The Calf Innoculation System.

As it is in the Art of Mushroom Farming, the Calf Innoculation System takes life already living, donated cattle, and "innoculates" open substrates, our farmers, with monies and animal impact.

Put more simply, if you need more cows, you can have ours for free.


Farm Transition & Infrastructure Capital

The Common Wealth Network has developed relationships with a multiplicity of investing organizations that are working to fund an equitable and regenerative local food economy through grants, 0% interest loans, capital investments, and training/technical assistance.


regeneration is our common wealth.