Mid-Atlantic Network of Verified Regenerative Farmers

About The Network

From the Soul to the Soil

The Common Wealth Network is nose-to-tail solution for scaling regeneration by keeping it small.

We are a community of verified regenerative and holistically managed small and family farms across the Mid-Atlantic that gather in the name of community, of hope through social reciprocity.

What Our Farms Have Access To

Commons Wealth Network

Verified Regenerative

Ecological Outcome Verification


Farm Planning & Holistic Management Training

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Retail & Wholesale Opportunities

Local food is great; but we need to find ways to keep food local while keeping local food producers producing.

We've taken the hassle out of local food while maintaining the convience of online shopping. When you place an order with Commons, the retail front of the Common Wealth Network, you are directly supporting a local farm (verified regenerative), growing local foods (chemical-free and 100% grass fed & finished), locally.

Cattle Donations

Operation Scaling Opportunities


Farm Transition & Infrastructure Capital

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We are regenerating our soils by first regenerating the souls of our community.


regeneration is our common wealth.